Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of the largest parks in Central London being 350 acres. Famous for its Speaker’s Corner it is the Royal Park of London. Joseph Paxton designed the Crystal Palace in 1851 for the Great Exhibition as an influential historical mark. Hyde Park is a place of serene solace open from 5 am to midnight for any breeze seeking soul. On the contrary it is also a location where mass demonstration takes place along with protests; like any other London site the Hyde Park is marked with rich history and royal stories. Hyde Park is home to the death of eight members of Household Cavalry and the Royal Green Jackets and seven horses during the 1982 bombings that were linked to Provisional Irish Republican Army.

Technically divided into two in 1728 by Queen Caroline into Kensington Gardens which closes early than the Hyde Park it is naturally assumed the two are one park.

There are five London Underground stations around the edges of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, namely; Hyde Park Corner (Piccadilly Line), Knightsbridge (Piccadilly Line), Queensway (Central Line), Lancaster Gate (Central Line) and Marble Arch (Central Line).

In 1824 Decimus Burton designed and erected the Queen Elizabeth Gate which serves as The Grand Entrance to the Hyde Park. The design descriptions of the gate are astound and are of the Green honeysuckle ornament giving it a grandiose poise and nature.

Hyde Park is known to have had many famous rock concerts performed by legendary artists such as Queen to Pink Floyd to the Rolling Stones. Just as many parts of London that have been fed with momentous occurrences Hyde Park naturally have its own line of nostalgic pages. One of the main events that took place at Hyde Park is benefit Live 8 Concert where 150 -200 thousand people gathered to watch the classic re union of Pink Floyd after three decades. Hard Rock Calling is a concert that had its plugged pulled out during the performance of Bruce Springsteen and Paul Mcartney as the sound levels started becoming a concern.

Aside its partying ways, Hyde Park has have had its religious times as well, the vigil prayer was held at the venue during the Pope Benedict VXI’s visit to London in 2012, housing almost 80,000 attendees.

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